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Renaissance and Baroque Period Ottoman and European Palace Music

Renaissance and Baroque Period Ottoman and European Palace Music

Being the first in Turkey to use baroque period instruments and perform with the baroque style, Izmir Barok researches and interprets European baroque music repertoire and composers as well as Ottoman music and composers of the same period. By performing these composers’ works in line with the European music harmony principles, the group interprets masterpieces of Jean – Baptiste Lully, Antonio Vivaldi, Gazi Giray Han, Jean – Philippe Rameau, Ali Ufki Bey, Georg Friedrich Handel… in their programs.

LINET SAUL                      Soprano

HUSEYİN TUNCEL           Bariton- Percussion

MEHMET REFIK KAYA    Rebab – Ottoman Lute

DIEGO LEVERIC               Archlute

BULENT ORAL                Viola da Gamba




Born in İstanbul, Turkey, Linet Şaul graduated from Hartt School of Music of University of Hartford in Connecticut, USA in 1995. In the same year, after being a f inalist in the Leyla Gencer International Singing Competition, she sang her first opera in İstanbul as Adina in LʼElisir dʼAmore of Donizetti. Şaul has pursued her vocal studies for a long period with the Italian baritone Licinio Montefusco.

Linet Şaul sang several solo roles in operas at the İzmir State Opera between the years 1998-2014, including: Don Giovanni (Zerlina), Faust (Siebel), Fidelio (Marzelline), LʼElisir dʼAmore (Adina), Racconti di Hoffmann (Giulietta), Barbiere di Siviglia (Rosina), Un Turco in Italia (Fiorilla), Idomeneo (Idamante), La Boheme (Musetta), Le Nozze di Figaro (Susanna), Countess Mariza (Countess Lisa), La Muerte de Garcilazo (Elena), Romeo et Juliette (Stephano), Ariadne auf Naxos (Komponist), Imeneo (Tirinto), Aşk-ı Memnu (Nesrin), Cosi fan tutte (Dorabella), Zigeuner Baron (Czipra), Agrippina (Agrippina), Muhteşem Süleyman (Mahidevran).

She also gave sevaral concerts in Europe, including concerts with the group ‘Suonatori della Gioiosa Marcaʼ in Italy and Nurnberg Festival in Germany.

As a member of İzmir Barok group, Linet Şaul has been singing baroque music with the only performers of this kind with period instruments. Apart from many concerts in Turkey, she sang in concerts in Italy and Germany with this group, including concerts with countertenor Robin Blaze and soprano Emma Kirkby. In 2013, the group published their first CD of Ottoman and European music in the baroque era. In 2015 she has started a series of concerts called “Shakespeare and Music” with Diego Leverić (lute), Bülent Oral (Viola da gamba) and an actor reciting from Shakespeareʼs plays.

Linet Şaul prepared her PhD thesis on application of Sephardic folk music to classical forms and has been performing her native Saphardic music for many years internationally, with concerts in Turkey, Europe and South America.

Linet Şaul has also been teaching voice and singing diction since 2007 at the Dokuz Eylül University, State Conservatory in İzmir, Turkey, and currently holds an Associate Professor and Head of Opera Department position at the university.


Baritone- Percussion

He entered the Department of Basic Sciences of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory and graduated in 1990. In 1989, entered the Executive Committee of Turkish Music at Istanbul University as chorus member until 1992. In 1992, he started to work as a theater musician at Kenter Theatre and continued his work at Istanbul Municipality City Theatres since 1993. Since 2006, he has also started to perform as an actor and continues to work as an actor and musician in the institution. He’staken part in over 40 plays.

In 1991 Tuncel entered the “Ayangil Turkish Music Orchestra and Choir and participated in many festivals, concerts and recordings as soloist and group leader until 1999 in “, which allowed him to guide his musical life. He attended concerts at home and abroad with many different bands. From 1995 on, he took part in “Lyric History” shows, organizations and concerts under the direction of Ali Taygun and Yekta Kara.

In 2002, he joined Incesaz and participated in the album “two/September songs”.

In 2000, together with Murat Aydemir, Sehvar Besiroglu, Salih Bilgin and Cengiz Onural co-founded the “Kantemir Community” and “Kantemiroglu Circles (Edvar)” published by Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publications with the translation of Yalcin Tura and 2 CD projects for the book “Maqams in Turkish Music” written by Fikret Kutlug and performed these in concerts.

In 2011, joined the Izmir Barok Ensemble. Took part in the CD ‘European and Ottoman Palace Music from the 16th century to the Mid-18th Century’, participating in numerous concerts with this ensemble at home and abroad.

He wrote the sheet music of the books “Authorities in Turkish Music”, “Yahya Kemal Songs” and “Music Theory” from Yapı Kredi Publications and prepared the music notes of “Kantemiroglu Circle (Edvar)” for publication, as well as the music notes for nearly 10 books from Pan Publishing. Worked with the band Aria, who made music for TV series, and was a music editor on many TV series. The artist also has two published articles: Musıki Mecmua, Issue 467 ‘Bibliography of Written and Printed Works in Suleymaniye and Provincial Public Library’ ; Our Art World Issue 73: Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publications “Echoing Pleasant Sounds”


Rebab – Ottoman Lute

Born in 1957 in Uskudar district of Istanbul, received his Master’s degree from I.T.U. Institute of Social Sciences. Graduating from Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Sculpture Department, completed his PhD with his thesis “Rebab From Yesterday to Today and Re-Identification of the Instrument”. From childhood, he continued his musical life at home and abroad, playing different instruments in various ensembles. He took part in the Anatolia ensemble founded by kemenche artist Ihsan Özgen. Performed at important festivals at home and abroad, including the Istanbul Music Festival. He was involved in all of Anatolia’s albums playing various instruments.

Since 1985, he has been working on rebab. He re-identified it as “Refik-i Rebab” by developing this instrument, which had been forgotten and remained in a limited repertoire with a small number of performers. Developed the playing technique of the instrument and gave concerts by interpreting the work of eastern and western music in almost every form. In 1989, he released two albums of sufi music from Cag Plak and “Suzidilara Ayini” by Selim III from Kent Plak , in which he played most of the instruments himself.

Performed more than 500 concerts in many countries with his own sufi music ensemble. In 1990, his concert in Murcia, Spain was released as an album titled “Musica Sufi”.

The artist is a rebab artist in the Istanbul Historical Turkish Music Ensemble of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which he joined in 1994. In 2005, he made this instrument loved by a wide audience with his solo album “Ruhnüvaz” from Kalan Plak and received praise from home and abroad. Interpreted the works of Kantemiroglu and Ali Ufki in his second solo album, “Subh-u Seher”, which was published by Ulus Music. He played as a soloist in composer and pianist Tuluyhan Ugurlu’s work “Symphony Turk”, accompanied by Cemal Reşit Rey Symphony Orchestra. In 2011, Ilyas Mirzayev’s Rebab Concerto dedicated to him was performed in Istanbul with the Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra. TRT and Milky Way TVs made documentaries about the artist’s life and rebab playing.



Born in 1988 in Rovini in Croatia, has started his guitar education with M. Domagoi Terzić at an early age and has graduated in classic guitar

from Pola Music School. He received the 1st prize at the Croatian Chamber Music Festival in 2006. He was admitted to the musicology program me of Pavia University in Cremona in 2008. Charmed by ancient music, he studied renaissance lute, theory and baroque guitar with Maurizio Piantelli.

In 2011 he received 3rd prize at the Maurizio Pratola lute contest at LʼAquila. The following year, he received f irst prize in the same contest in Baroque Music. With the help of the prizes, he participated in various baroque music festivals. He also took part in recordings with M. Sergio Azzolini and LʼAura Soave ensemble, with M. Diego Cantalupi and ‘I liuti de LʼAura Soave’ hand singer Renato Dolcini.


Viola da Gamba (Bass & Treble)

Has been performing as the Double Bass group head at the İzmir State Opera Orchestra. With the ensemble he founded,
‘İzmir Barokʼ, he has performed in many concerts both in Turkey and abroad. He performed with Hille Perl and İzmir Barok at the Bremen Alte Musik Fest which was also transmitted live at the Bremen Radio. The ensembleʼs latest CD received the best classical music CD of the year award from Andante magazine.

Oral has performed in double bass concertos with various orchestras, and He has studied with Rocco Filippini in İtaly and France.
Oral, who has been working on the technique and interpretation of viola da gamba in
recent years, has been conducting workshops on viola da gamba and Baroque music at Universities, continues his work with İzmir Barok Ensemble.

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