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NIKA Music Management is an Istanbul-based international artist and concert agency with a particular focus on classical music and jazz. Murat Gürol, who has nearly 40 years of experience in all areas of the music industry, has been leading the way in artist management and concert promotion in our country for the last 20 years, and aims to create a strong network between artists and concert organizations at the national and international level.

As a result of the need for a local artist manager, Murat Gurol established the ORION Production in 2001 together with his two artist/manager colleagues to become Turkey’s first corporate artist management agency especially in the field of classical and world music.

Having worked especially with foreign artists and managers for more than 20 years as manager and program director in addition to his nearly 40 years of musicianship in institutions such as the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra and the Istanbul CRR Concert Hall, Gurol aims to provide support and promotion opportunities for local and foreign artists, especially with the aim of gathering local artists under a corporate roof.

Taking a leave in 2017 to go abroad, he established the Nika Music Management Org. in 2021 to continue with his management activities upon returning home. Incorporating with local and international artists and ensembles, Nika Music Management Org. aims to lead the way in international artist  management in Turkiye once again.

Murat Gurol (Founder)

Born in Ankara in 1956. Started his music education at the age of 7. Entered the Istanbul Municipality Conservatory violin class in 1966, graduating in 1981, while also attending the English High School and Robert College in Istanbul. Gurol was admitted to the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra the same year he graduated the Conservatory. Playing in the first violin section he also served as administrative vice director and then director for ten years starting from 1986.

In 1992 he was assigned as the Program Manager of the Istanbul Municipality Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, where he served for 9 years. He was the founding partner and a member of the Akbank and Borusan Chamber Orchestras for several years and worked as the artistic advisor of Destek Reassurans and Antalya Cultural Center. Gurol also worked as the General Secretary of the Istanbul Philharmonic Association for two years.

He was invited to Brussels Royal Conservatory for a Concours as a jury member in 1997, same year received plaquet from the President of Turkey in the name of the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra for the 25th anniversary of the Istanbul International Music Festival.

Murat Gurol organized numerous concerts at home and abroad through the companies he founded, Orion Production and Nika Produksiyon since 2001. Being one of the pioneers in this field in Turkey, he also served as artist manager for local and international artists.

Being the 2nd Director of the Marmaris Philharmonic Society since 2005, takes part in organizing Marmaris International Music Festival and also acting as the concertmaster of the Marmaris Chamber Orchestra.

As of September 2021, Gurol is assigned as the Culture and Arts Consultant at the Elginkan Holding (ECA), one of the main sponsors of the Istanbul International Music Festival.

Also in June 2021, he is elected as the President of the Bodrum Philharmonic Association.

Murat Gürol is a graduate of the Istanbul Technical University’s Construction Engineering Faculty. He also received an MS degree from Bosphorus University and MBA from Istanbul University.


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