Walter Proost Repertoire & Press Reviews

Orchestra repertoire

Bach J.S.
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 1
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 2
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 3
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 4
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 5
Brandenburg Concerto nr. 6
Overture (suite) nr. 1 in C major
Overture (suite) nr. 2 in h minor
Overture (suite) nr. 3 in D major
Overture (suite) nr. 4 in D major

Barber S.
Adagio for strings
Violin Concerto op. 14
Essay for Orchestra nr. 1
Overture “The school for scandal”
Serenade for String Orchestra  

Bartok B.
2 Romanian dances
Violin Concerto nr. 1
Violin Concerto nr. 2
Concerto for Orchestra
Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
Romanian folk dances
Tanze aus Siebenburgen       

Baruch Klein
Variations on all too familiar theme

Beethoven L.v.
Piano Concerto nr. 1 in D major
Piano Concerto nr. 2 in B major
Piano Concerto nr. 3 in c minor
Piano Concerto nr. 4 in G major
Piano Concerto nr. 5 in E flat major “Emperor”
Violin Concerto in D major
Triple Concerto
Overture “Die Weihe des Hauses”
Overture “Egmont”
Overture “Fidelio”
Overture “Leonore 3”
Overture “Prometheus”
Symphony nr. 1 in C major
Symphony nr. 2 in D major
Symphony nr. 3 in E flat major “Eroica”
Symphony nr. 4 in B major
Symphony nr. 5 in c minor
Symphony nr. 6 in D major “Pastorale”
Symphony nr.. 7 in A major
Symphony nr. 8 in F major
Symphony nr. 9 in d minor         

Bellafronte R.
Discantus for Violin and Orchestra

Berio L.
Folk songs
Variazioni per orchestra da camera

Berlioz H.
Symphonie Fantastique      

Bernstein L.
Divertimento for Orchestra
On the Town (3 dance episodes)
On the Waterfront Symphonic Suite
Overture “Candide”
Prelude, Fugue and Riffs
Serenade after Plato’s Symposium (viool)
Symphony nr.  2 “The Age of Anxiety”
Trouble in Tahiti – opera
West Side Story Symph.D.

Betta M.
Il manoscritto del principe-film suite
In Memoria

Bizet G.
Carmen Suite nr. 1
Carmen Suite nr. 2
L’ Arlesienne Suite nr. 1
L’ Arlesienne Suite nr. 2
Prélude “Les Pêcheurs de perles”
Symphony nr. 1 in C major          

Blacher B.
Zwei Inventionen für Orchester

Overture “La dame blanche”

Borodin A.
Polowetzer Tanz
Symphony nr. 2 in b minor          

Brahms J.
Akademische Festouvertüre
Piano Concerto nr. 1 in d minor
Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in a minor
Violin Concerto in D major
Symphony nr. 1 in c minor
Symphony nr. 2 in D major
Symphony nr. 3 in F major
Symphony nr. 4 in e minor
Hungarian Dances nr. 1
Hungarian Dances nrs. 5,6,7
Variations on a Theme of J. Haydn          

Britten B.
Piano Concerto
Serenade for Tenor, Horn an Strings op. 31
Simple Symphony
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Soirees Musicales              

Sophia – Violin Concerto       

Bruch M.
Violin Concerto op. 26
Schottische Fantasie

Bruckner A.
Symphony nr. 1 in c minor (Linzer Fassung)
Symphony nr. 3 in d minor       

Guitar Concerto nr. 1 in D major    

Chopin F.
Piano Concerto nr. 2

Cimarosa D.
Oboe Concerto                      

Copland A.
Appalachian Spring (Full Orchestra)
Appalachian Spring (Variation for 13 instruments)
Clarinet Concerto
Hoe Down from “Rodeo” (string version)
Old American Songs
Quiet City                           

Craens A.
Meditatie voor Kamerorkest
One evening in spring
Una visione del cielo

Debussy C.
La Mer
Petite Suite
Prelude “l’Après-midi d’un fauve”   

de Maeyer J.

Diamond D.
Romeo and Juliet                

Donizetti G.
Concertino for English Horn and Orchestra
Overture “Don Pasquale”             

Dvorak A.
Cello Concerto op. 104
Piano Concerto in g minor op. 33
Violin Concerto in a minor
Overture “Carnival”
Serenade in E major
Slavonic Dances nrs. 1 – 8 op. 46
Slavonic Dances nrs. 5 – 8 op. 72
Symphony nr. 4 in d minor
Symphony nr. 5 in F major
Symphony nr. 6 in D major
Symphony nr. 7 in d minor
Symphony nr. 8 in G major
Symphony nr. 9 in e minor
The golden spinning wheel
The noon witch
The water goblin

Elgar E.
Introduction and Allegro for Strings
Serenade for Strings in e minor

Faure G.

Ferrero L
Piano Concerto                 

Francia F.

Franck C.
Le chasseur Maudit
Symphony in d minor              

Gershwin G
An American in Paris
Cuban Overture
Rhapsody in blue (piano)

Porgy & Bess Symphonic Picture

Giminez J.
El gato Montes (zarzuela)
Intermedio (zarzuela)

Gistelinck E.
Elegie voor Jan
Music for Halloween
Symphony nr. 2

Glazunov A.
Ouverture Solennelle                      

Glinka M.
Overture “Ruslan & Ludmilla”

Golob J.
Four Folk Songs

Granados E.
Tres danzas Espagnolas

Gregorc J.
The name of the Montain

Grieg E.
Holberg Suite
Ich Liebe Dich
Peer Gynt – complete

Händel G.F.
Harp Concerto nr. 6 in B major
Concerto grosso nr. 12
Royal Fireworks (Mackerras)
Overture Salomon from “The Queen of Sheba”

Hanson H.
Symphony nr. 2 “Romantic”         

Haydn J.
Symphony nr. 45 “Abschied”
Symphony nr. 55 “Schulmeister”
Symphony nr. 100 in G major “The Military”
Symphony nr. 101 in D dur “The Clock”
Symphony nr. 102 in B major
Symphony nr. 103 in E flat major “The Drum  Roll”
Symphony nr. 104  “London”

Hertel J.W.
Concerto for 2 Trumpets in E flat major

Hindemith P.
Concerto for Woodwinds, Harp and Orchestra  

Holst G.
The Planets

Houwen F.
Due Movimenti per Orchestra

Hummel J.N.
Gran Concerto per Fagotto           

Ibert J.
Flute Concerto
Hommage a Mozart            

Ives Ch.
Symphony nr. 2                             


Kabalevsky D.
Overture “Colas Breugnon”  

Khatchaturian A.
Aria for Chamber Orchestra
Sabre Dance                 

Kodally Z.
Hary Janos suite          

Kodalli N.
Cello Concerto
Overture “Telli Turna”

Klein B.
Variation on Happy Birthday

Cello Concerto                   

Concertino for Trombone            

Lazar M.
Triple Concerto for Piano, Big Band and Symphony Orchestra

Lekeu G.

Liszt F.
Piano Concerto nr. 1 in E flat major
Hungarian Fantasy folk songs
Totentanz (piano)            

Luna P.
Danza India (zarzuela)
Soy un rayito de luna (zarzuela)

Mahler G.
Symphony nr.1 in D major “Titan”
Symphony nr. 7 in A major
Symphony nr. 9                     

Malipiero G.F.

Marinuzzi G.
Andantino all’ Antica            

Martucci G.
Symphony nr. 2

Massenet J.
Le dernier sommeil de la vierge
Le Roman d’Arlequin
Prélude Werther
Sarabande Espagnole
Scènes de Féerie-suite nr. 6
Scènes Napolitaines-suite nr. 5

Maxwell Davies P.
The Martydom of St. Magnus

Mendelssohn F.
Concerto for violin and piano
Violin Concerto in e minor
Midsummer Night’s Dream – complete
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Wedding March
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Intermezzo
Midsummer Night’s Dream Nocturno
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Overture
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Scherzo
Overture Calm Sea / Prosperous Voyage
Overture Hebrides
Symphony nr. 1 in c minor
Symphony nr. 3 in a minor “Scottish”
Symphony nr. 4 in A major “Italien”
Symphony nr. 5 in D major “Reformation”
Symphony nr. 8 in D major for Strings
Symphony nr. 9 in c minor “Schweizer ” for Strings
Symphony nr. 10 in B major for Strings
Symphony nr. 11 in F major for Strings
Symphony nr. 12 in g minor  for Strings  

Mercadante S.
Flute Concerto in F major
Flute Concerto nr. 4

Meyerbeer G.
Fest Ouverture

Milhaud D.
Le boeuf sur le toit

Molinelli R.
Barkin’ Pumpkin suite – version for saxophone and piano (Themes of Frank Zappa)
Barkin’ Pumpkin suite – version for Viola, Piano and clarinet (Themes of Frank Zappa)
Leonard overture
Movie Concerto for Viola and Orchestra

Wish you where here

Mozart W.A.
Clarinet Concerto in A major K 622
Concerto for Flute and Harp K 299
Flute Concerto in G major K 313
Oboe Concerto in C major K 314
Horn Concerto in E flat major K 447
Piano Concerto nr. 17 in G major K 453
Piano Concerto nr. 18 in B major K 456
Piano Concerto nr. 19 in F major K 459
Piano Concerto nr. 20 in d minor K 466
Piano Concerto nr. 21 pia in C major K 467
Piano Concerto nr. 22 in E flat major K 482
Piano Concerto nr. 23 in A major K 488
Piano Concerto nr. 24 in c minor K 491
Piano Concerto nr. 25 in C major K 503
Piano Concerto nr. 26 in D major K 537
Piano Concerto nr. 27 in B major K 595
Concerto rondo for Piano in D major K 382
Symphony Concerto for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon
Symphony Conerto for Violin and Viola K364
Violin Concerto nr. 3 in G major K 216
Violin Concerto nr. 5 in A major K 219
Cosi fan tutte – complete
Die Zauberflöte – complete
Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Overture “Ascanio in Alba”
Overture “Cosi fan tutte”
Overture “Der Schauspieldirektor”
Overture “Die Zauberflote”
Overture “Don Giovanni”
Overture “Idomeneo”
Overture “Il Re pastore”
Overture “Il sogno di Scipione”
Overture “La Clemenza di Tito”
Overture “La finta giardiniera”
Overture “La finta semplice”
Overture “Le nozze di Figaro”
Overture “Lo sposo deluso”
Overture “Lucio Silla”
Overture “Midridate Re di Ponto”
Serenade nr. 6 in D major K 239
Symphony nr. 1 in E flat major
Symphony nr. 4 in D major
Symphony nr. 10 in G major
Symphony nr. 11 in D major
Symphony nr. 16a in a minor “Odense”
Symphony in g minor K 183
Symphony in C major K 200
Symphony nr. 29 in A major K 201
Symphony in D major K 202
Symphony in D major “Paris” K 297
Symphony in B major K 319
Symphony in C major  K 338/409
Symphony nr. 35 in D major K 385
Symphony nr. 36 in C major “Linzer” K 425
Symphony nr. 38 in D major K 504
Symphony nr. 39 E flat major K 543
Symphony nr. 40 in g minor K 550
Symphony nr.41 in C major “Jupiter” K 551

Introduction Khovantchina    

Neduda J.
Trumpet Concerto in E flat major             

Nielsen C .
Flute Concerto
Little Suite op. 1                 

Canon & Gigue                    

Paganinni N.
Violin Concerto nr. 1
Violin Concerto nr. 2                    

Persichetti V.
The Hollow Men (trumpet)   

Pleyel I.
Concerto for Clarinet (also possible for Flute or Cello) in C major

Various arrangements for Sympony Orchestra and Big Band
Na Gradu for 3 Trumpets and Orchestra

Poulenc F.
Piano Concerto nr. 2 in d minor                

Prokofiev S.
Piano Concerto nr. 2 in g minor
Violin Concerto nr. 2 in g minor
Introduction S. Satko
Lieutenant Kije Symphonic suite
Overture on Hebrew Themes
Romeo & Juliet – suite 1
Romeo & Juliet – complete
Sinfonie Concertante for Violoncello and Orchestra
Symphony nr. 1 “Classical”
Symphony nr. 3
Symphony nr. 5
Symphony nr. 7
Symphonic suite The year 1941  

Puccini G.
Capricio Sinfonico – Revision Panni
Capricio Sinfonico – Revision Spada
Manon Lescaut – Intermezzo Act III
Preludio Sinfonico               

Rachmaninov S.
Caprice Bohemien
Piano Concerto nr. 1 in f sharp minor
Piano Concerto nr. 2 in c minor
Piano Concerto nr. 3 in d minor
Die Toteninsel
Fantasy for Orchestra
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
Romanze und Scherzo
Symphony nr. 1 in d minor
Symphony nr. 2 in e minor
Symphony nr. 3 in a minor
Symphonic Dances
Vocalise for soprano and orchestra   

Ravel M.
Piano Concerto in sol
Daphnis et Chloe suite II
Introduction et Allegro for Harp
La Valse
Le Tombeau de Couperin
Ma Mere l’Oye –  short version (5 pieces)
Ma Mere l’Oye – complete
Pavane pour une infante défunte    

Respighi O.
Antiche Danze ed Arie III   

Concerto for Harmonica


Rodrigo J.
Concerto de Aranjuez (guitar)

Rossini G.
Introduction, Theme and Variation for Clarinet and Orchestra
Overture “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”
Overture “Guglielmo Tell”
Overture “Il signor Bruschino”
Overture “La Cenerentola”
Overture “La Gaza ladra”
Overture “An Italian in Algiers”
Overture “Semiramis”
Sonate nr. 1

Rota N.
Concerto for Strings
Piano Concerto in C major

Saint-Saens C.
Cello Concerto op. 33
Violin Concerto nr. 3
Romance for Flute
Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso op. 28
Symphony nr. 3 in c minor “Organ”

Sarasate de P.
Carmen Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra  

Satie E.
Gymnopedies I
Gymnopedies II          

Schoenberg A.
Ode to Napoleon (English – German version)

Schubert F.
Overture in B major D 470
Ouv. c moll str.
Overture in e minor
Overture Fierrabras
Overture in Italian Style in C major
Overture in Italian Style in D major
Symphony nr. 1 in D major
Symphony nr. 5 in B major
Symphony nr. 7 in C major
Symphony in C major op. 140           

Schumann R.
Piano Concerto in a minor
Symphony nr. 1 in B major “Frühlings”
Symphony nr. 2 in C major
Symphony nr. 3 in E flat major “Rheinische”
Symphony nr. 4 in d minor                

Scriabin A.
Symphony nr. 1 op. 26           

Schroyens D.
A small symphony of variations

Shostakovich D.
Cello Concerto op. 107
Violin Concerto nr. 1 op. 99
Overture Festiva
Symphony nr. 1 op. 10            

Sibelius J.
Violin Concerto
Rakastava Suite for strings
Symphony nr. 1
Symphony nr. 2
Valse Triste                       

Smetana F.
Die Moldau
Overture “Die Verkaufte Braut”         

Spohr L.
Symphony nr. 6 in G major “Historische”

Strauss J.
Overture “Fledermaus”
Pizzicato Polka                

Strauss R.
Also sprach Zarathustra
Aus Italien
Divertimento after F. Couperin
Don Juan op. 20
Metamorfhosen for 23 solo strings
Till Eulenspiegel                 

Stravinsky I.
Apollon Mussagète
Concerto in D major
Firebird suite (1945)
A Soldier’s Tale
Jeu de Cartes
The Fairy’s Kiss
The Rite of Spring
Petrouchka (version 1947)
Pulcinella suite
Symphony in C major
Symphony in 3 Movements        

Suk J.
Serenade for Strings                 

Svendsen J.
Fest Polonaise                  

Swantner J.
Concerto for Percussion

Sonata “Il trillo dell diavolo”

Tchaikovsky P.
Ballet “The Nutcracker”
Capriccio Italien
Piano Concerto nr. 1 in b flat minor
Violin Concerto
Marche Slave
Mozartiana suite nr. 4
Overture 1812
Romeo & Juliet
Serenade for Strings
Symphony nr. 4
Symphony nr. 5 in e minor
Symphony nr. 6 in b minor
Suite from “The Nutcracker”    

Turina J.
Danzas Fantásticas
La Oración del Torero
La Procesión del Rocío  

Van der Eyken E.

Van Maldere
Symphony nr. 5

Vaughan Williams R.
Fantasia on Greensleeves
Fantasio theme
Symphony nr. 6 in e minor                 

Verbesselt A.

Verdi G.
Overture “La Forza del Destino”
Overture “Luisa Miller”
Overture “Nabucco”
Prelude “Aïda”
Prelude “La Traviata”

Eliantemi for Heitor Villa Lobos

Vivaldi A.
The Four Seasons          

Vives A.  
Fandango (zarzuela)

von Suppé
Overture “Fatinitza”

Weber C.M.von
Aufforderung zum tanz
Jubel – Overture
Konzertstück for Piano in f minor
Overture “Der Freischütz”
Overture “Oberon”

Wagner R.
Overture “Die Feen”
Siegfried Idyll                     

Walton W.
Violin Concerto

Westerlinck W.
Landschappen 2

Wiren D.
Serenade for Strings    

Opera repertoire

Auber D.
La Muette de Portici
Fra Diavolo

Beethoven L. v.

Bellini V.
La Sonnambula

Bernstein L.
Trouble in Tahiti
West Side Story

Bizet G.
Les Pêcheurs de Perles

Britten B.
Albert Herring
Let’s make an Opera
The rape of Lucretia
The turn of the Screw

Cimarosa D.
Il Matrimonio Segreto

Dan I.
Yuzuru (The Twilight Heron)

De Simone R.
Messa di Requiem in memoria di Pier Paolo Pasolini
Populorum progressio

Donizetti G.
Don Pasquale

Gershwin G.
Porgy and Bess

Gounod C.

Haydn J.
Lo Speziale

Leoncavallo R.
I Pagliacci

Massenet J.

Menotti G.C.
The Medium
The Telephone

Mozart W.A.
La Clemenza di Tito
Così fan tutte
Don Giovanni
Die Entführung aus dem Serail
La Finta Giardiniera
La Finta Semplice
Midridate Re di Ponto
Le Nozze di Figaro
Der Schauspieldirektor
Die Zauberflöte

Orff C.
Carmina Burana

Pergolesi G.B.
La Serva Padrona

Poulenc F.
La Voix Humaine

Puccini G.
La Bohème
Madame Butterfly
Manon Lescaut

Rossini G.
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
La Cambiale di Matrimonio
La Gazza Ladra
Guillaume Tell
La Scala di Seta

Salieri A.
Prima la Musica e poi le Parole

Strauss J.
Die Fledermaus
Der Zigeunerbaron

Strauss R.
Ariadne auf Naxos
Der Rosenkavalier

Stravinsky I.
The Rake’s Progress
L’Histoire du Soldat

Verdi G.
Don Carlos
La Forza del Destino
La Traviata
Il Trovatore


Press reviews


Bari – Corriere della Sera

Conducted by a Walter Proost in true dazzling form…

It is definitely a merit of a conductor such as Proost, who makes the artistic discipline and the hermit-like conscientious attention to the particular timbres to his own essential creed.

The Firebird Suite. The waiting for this execution was finally rewarded by a most appreciable interpretation by the orchestra, led by Walter Proost in an optimal way up to the discovery of the magnificent colours of an extraordinary palette of timbres.

Bari – La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

What a joy in the orchestra of Proost!

Proost, once again, has received admirable results from the orchestra, to remark, as the ensemble is capable of standing up with resolution to a repertoire which goes from the romantic to the modern, without any moment of falling down and never being weakened by the temptation of routine.

The whole with an absolute rhythmic precision an a concern for details, the composer’s original intentions worthy.



Bari – La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

Brahm’s creativity raised by Douglas and Proost .

On stage Walter Proost, a conductor who has led the orchestra many times before, always yielding a more than favourable outcome…

And Proost has got the maximum out of the orchestra, confirming his skill with an interpretation of Brahm’s second symphony in which heroism and poetry merged into a fruitful result. The phrasing, also in the passionate exciting moments, always remained clear, transparent and distinctly conducted. once more, I wish to emphasize that the Bari orchestra works very well when being led by a good conductor. It is no coincidence that Proost who immediately invited the orchestra to put up a tremendous performance, achieved this result in the symphony:  the satisfied condcutor underlined herewith that everyone’s élan and diligent collaboration have contributed to a large extent to turn the evening into a success.

Bari – La Gazetta del Mezzogiorno

After his unforgettable conducting of last year, Maestro Proost confirmed his first impression. He is possibly the only conductor who can draw such a response from this orchestra and, after several years of experience with the Bari Symphony, I can tell…

Turin – La Stampa

The final part of the programme consisted of Mozart’s Symphony KV 504 “The Prague”, a demonic masterpiece which Walter Proost interpreted with a remarkable tension, carrying the Turin Philharmonic Orchestra to a high sound-quality and organizing the complicated wheels of the counterpoint in the first movement with precision and energy. In that way, equally spreading the monumental seriousness of the first movement, the calm, unlike reassurance, of the second and the twinkling witty lightness of the third movement towards a miraculous marriage of expression and dark powers. When the Prague Symphony is well being executed, then its effect becomes impressive. And such was the case last evening, to great satisfaction and enjoyment of all those present who cheered the orchestra and its conductor.



Vienna – Zur Zeit

The Fourth Symphony by Robert Schumann was the highlight of the concert…

This exquisite symphony was executed with broad gestures and moderate tempi which let the music the necessary time for long breathing spaces. Karajan sent his regards from the distance and the audience was exuberantly delighted with it.

One has to thank conductor Walter Proost, soloist Kurt Franz Schmid and the orchestra (Niederösterreichisches Tonkünstler-Orchester) for having enabled this meeting with beautiful, however rarely being executed works from the Classic-Romantic period.

Amstetten – NÖN Amstettner Zeitung

The “Tonkünstler-Orchester” conducted by Walter Proost delighted with a basket full of presents and charming surprises. An evening full of musical enjoyment.



Baden – Badener Zeitung

Here as well conductor Walter Proost knew how to lead the orchestra (“Niederösterreichisches Tonkünstler- Orchester”)with the biggest possible intensity and musicality, hereby building up a field of tension full of dramatics.

Gießen – Gießener Allgemeine

Walter Proost, being a guest at the music stand, was celebrated.

Walter Proost and the orchestra of Gießen presented a well-defined classic (Beethoven’s Symphony n° 3 “Eroïca”) in vivid colours. Proost’s facial expression, gestures and his whole body moving à la Bernstein told a lot about his musicality which was entirely being passed on to the orchestra. The Maestro took special care over the violins. The stormy and passionate sensing introduction was followed by a solemn, in tempo gradually attracting Adagio. Ominous pathos, pianissimo of the strings, contrasting tutti and shrill accents of the timpani were stricking. After that, a model of precision, the Scherzo with its fine polished hunting motifs (briljant horns) and the ending of which referring to the final part, let Proost make music, significant and with a lively Coda. The audience’s enthusiasm gave rise to many “curtain calls” and a warm applause which Proost intercepted with a spirited performance of Mozart’s “Figaro”-overture.

Flensburg – Kieler Nachrichten

The Belgian guest at the stand, Walter Proost, clearly met with the colourful fantasy turns of the Háry János Suite, with a true mastery he guided his orchestra (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Sinfonieorchester) through the fairy-like parts, and let it play unreserved.

Oldenburg – Nordwest Zeitung

Walter Proost had studied the work (Symphony nr. 6)  of Ravel’s pupil Vaughan-Williams with extreme precision and raised it, with an unyielding élan, to superior effect.



Yverdon-les-Bains  – Journal du Nord Vaudois

The audience applauded both soloists before getting carried away by the infectuous enthusiasm of Walter Proost, guest conductor of international renown, who interprets with an exceptional energy Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony, a blissful and descriptive piece of music written after a long journey in Rome in 1833. The Belgian conductor sets ablaze the orchestra (the “Sinfonietta de Lausanne”), he leads it with such authority as a result of which the musicians excel themselves and bring a passionate performance of this very classical early symphony, exception made for a beautiful Andante, melodious as to one’s liking. Finally in the “encore” we see an excited Walter Proost offering his audience a short piece for strings only, “Rodeo” by Aaron Copland, in a whirl of rhythms expressing miraculous vitality, a joyful grand finale of a perfectly well-balanced concert. More than ever, the absentees were wrong to miss such valuable opportunity to discover extraordinary ways in music, but also served by first-rate performers.



Antwerp – De Nieuwe Gazet

Walter Proost knew how to put this score (Cosi fan tutte)- sparkling with passion but also overwhelmed with wittiness and tenderness – into a true dazzling aura, perfectly balancing the sound levels and never drowning the singers’ voices.

The audience spontaneously cheered several arias that were sung in an exemplary Mozartian style and the evening ended in a small triumph, amply merited.

Antwerp – De Nieuwe Gazet

The music (Yuzuro) marvellously matches the western rhythms. This fine alliance was well brought forward by an orchestra that was led Walter Proost, who accompanied in a splendid way the developments of the protagonists of this beautiful spectacle.

Antwerp – De Nieuwe Gazet

Once again, Walter Proost demonstrated his other ability: the art of accompanying a soloist in a precise, sensitive manner…



Roosendaal – Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant

Walter Proost, whom we already saw at work some times before in this concert hall conducting the Sanremo symphony orchestra in a complete different repertoire, also showed towards the chamber music and the smaller ensemble (Deutsches Kammerorchester Frankfurt am Main) a very calm conductor, who gets every nuance out of the music score.

The Mozart Symphony in A major was feinitely a showpiece of the orchestra. In short, a charming concert with a ditto conductor.



Paris – Le Figaro

The orchestra was electrified by the enthusiasm of its conductor, Walter Proost…


The Times (Northwest Indiana’s Newspaper)

Guest conductor Proost pulls right strings with Symphony.

Belgian-born conductor Walter Proost connected well with the string players from the symphony… He capitalized on their strengths and seemed to know how far he could challenge them to achieve his clear-cut goals. Proost is welcome back anytime.

The Knoxville News-Sentinel

Guest conductor spices up Chamber performance.

The Knoxville Chamber Orchestra had a ball…. Most of the reason was the guest conductor, Walter Proost, who obviously enjoyed leading the local musicians through some rollicking works. His pleasure was contagious.

At the end, the audience gave Proost a standing ovation. He was called back for additional bows, then gave the audience an extra. … When the audience burst into applause again, he turned indicating the orchestra should also take a bow, but they remained seated, insisting that this bow was for Proost alone. Bravo, maestro.

The Sacramento Union

Ebullient Proost guides orchestra.

Sacramento Symphony guest conductor Walter Proost,…, has made some fans in Sacramento.

That proved , at least, to be the case from the cheers and bravos tossed to him…


A playful, smiling Proost pulled a marvelous suppleness and buoyancy from the orchestra…

Proost takes the academic edge off music by making it fun.

The Sacramento Bee Final

Guest conductor Walter Proost gave a performance that turned this concert into an unforgettable event. The orchestra rose to new heights of expression under his baton. The concert ended in wildly enthusiastic applause and “bravos” that culminated in a standing ovation.

San Francisco Chronicle

When ever has a guest conductor drawn such a response from this orchestra? Proost led the orchestra with sensitivity and an obvious command of the material.

The orchestra paid him back with a first-rate performance.

A great musician, winning confidence immediately and accompishing musically cogent, well-thought-out performances.

San Francisco Examinor

Guest conductor Walter Proost and the orchestra created such a delicious rendition of the Haydn Symphony that Haydn’s humor and creativity sparkled like so many diamonds on black velvet.



Jornal Diario de Sorocaba

Maestro Proost is impressive by the qualities inherent to his task: sensibility, determination and dramatization. In short, all exhibited the most briljant behavior.