Pia Düzgit

Conductor (Türkiye)

Born in 1994 in Istanbul, she studied she studied piano, solfege, harmony and choir at Kocaeli Municipality Conservatory and Kocaeli University State Conservatory during 2000-2011, becoming the little artistic face of Izmit at 7 with her success in music.

In 2010, performed “Kartepe”, her own composition for piano in front of state officials on International Women’s Day in Kocaeli.

Between 2012-2016; she studied at the Department of General Musicology of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul State Conservatory, where she was accepted with highest marks.  Started conducting studies with Maestro Antonio Pirolli in 2013.

By winning the double major program in 2014 at the MSFAU Istanbul State Conservatory Department of Orchestral Conducting, Pia started the class of Antonio Pirolli, where she studied conducting with Antonio Pirolli, Can Okan, Naci Özgüç and Zdravko Lazarov, composition and harmony with Hasan Uçarsu, fugue with Özkan Manav, orchestration with Mehmet Nemutlu, score reading with Can Okan and counterpoint with Ahmet Altınel. In the meantime,attended the seminars of Mark Andre, Helena Tulve, Hideki Kozakura and Stefan Lienenkamper.

In 2016, she completed her graduation project on 12-tone technique analysis of İlhan Usmanbaş’s work “Three Musical Poems” and graduated from the Department of General Musicology.

In  2019, she completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of  Conducting with high honor degree as first rank of both department and the conservatory.

At the “12th Sound of Journey Festival” held on May 17, 2019, she conducted the Turkish premiere of Emir Pehlivan’s award-winning “Les Ombres Tenebres” at the Boulogne- Billancourt Contemporary Music Performance competition held in France. Same year, she conducted the world premiere of Uğur Çalışkan’s work: “Samsara”.

In 2020, Pia started her master studies in orchestra conducting at MSFAU Istanbul State Conservatory and went on working with Maestro Cem Mansur. She founded her own classical music production company under the name of PIADUZGITYAPIM in 2021.

At the “13th Sound of Journey Festival” held at the Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on May 1, 2022, Pia conducted the world premiere of Larisa Halis’s work: “Messiah”. On May 19, 2022; with the invitation of the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet, she was the conductor of the prestigious “19th May Traditional Youth Concert” presented with young soloists at the Atatürk Cultural Center, Türk Telekom Opera Hall.

Also in 2022, she completed her post-graduate studies at MSFAU with her thesis “A Conductor’s Perspective: The Challenges and Solution Suggestions of the Part I of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in Terms of Orchestral Conducting Techniques” written under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Özkan Manav. Pia Düzgit, continues her musical career in Istanbul.




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